Today, I announce the beginning of a worldwide movement using art as the catalyst. Today is the creation of "Illuminison." It is an art movement focusing on the Divine's illumination through nature as a counter movement to the  gloom and hopelessness from the current worldwide state of affairs in politics, religious wars, economic losses, and natural disasters. The world is in a state of darkness and it is time to reawakened the Light of the human spirit. May "Illuminism" remove the veil of darkness so people may see to inspire hope and a sense of peace there is a living Light of the Divine for all mankind and living creatures.

Last night Meredith Logan and Abby, of our little "Intentions Group" take turns to define our missions, our goals, our steps. And last night, it was decided it was time for me to move forward with "Illuminism." So, today is the official day. I will now paint as "Illuminism" as my style and hope that other artists, musicians, writers, poets, teachers, preachers, homeless, whoever to join this movement. 


Stefan Duncan       Oct. 24th, 201             The moment after I did this posting on FaceBook, I clicked back to my page and apparently about the same time of my posting, this appeared on my wall.                              !/photo.php?fbid=131033450333182&set=a.101490743287453.1834.100002795828349&type=1&theater

And the same evening..... there is the sudden appearnce of Northern Lights across the country.   This all on the same day as te Illuminism day of creation.

I feel the hungar of the world for Light. I truly believe that with every age the society's pysche rolls like a wave ..... and it is the great artists that have tapped into this and rode the wave and created works reflecting the current path... Dylan with his folk music; Klmit with his freudian art of the acknowledgement of the id and superego....this is the age of Light.