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The American Van Gogh, and creator of Squiggleism

 Stefan was dubbed the American Van Gogh by the


                                                     Van Gogh Presents Duncan's works   

American Artist Stefan Duncan is the creator of a new branch of Impressionism called “Squiggleism.”   Squiggleism™ is a Van Gogh dash with a twist, representing a unit of the Divine that exists in everything. The strokes are unblended  and are applied beside each other, so that at a distance,  the eye is presented with pure bright colors that excite the mind and heart.   

 Stefan’s mission is to present his “Living Spirit Art” to the world giving peace and serenity to the viewer in the heart of their home continuing what Van Gogh started – revealing the Divine through nature. 

Stefan’s rising popularity destines him to be among today's top artists.   Duncan is considered one of the most prolific artists, selling several hundred original paintings a year.    

 “I have  been blessed  with the vision to see the Divine Essence in nature around us and I merely try to capture its living, thriving glory on canvas so that others can see.“

 Stefan was dubbed the “American Van Gogh” by the

“One particular artist is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become ‘America's Vincent Van Gogh’... Stefan Duncan” David Wolk, -  704-651-2032 –

Kristen Oliver - Manager - 704-258-6642  -


Creative Commons License   Copyright 2006 by Stefan Duncan Gallery 

                     330  original paintings sold August 2005/06.   Today's tally 585 since Aug. 2005. 

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Stefan also does commissions. If you have  a photo of a special place, Stefan can make it into a painting using his style of "Squiggleism."

                     This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.  


Van Gogh's Impact on Art.

Vincent van Gogh lived more than 115 years ago, and yet his artwork is still altering the way mankind views beauty, persona, individuality, and style in art. His thousands of paintings and drawings have various characteristics that have been copied by thousands and duplicated by none. Van Gogh's unique life has inspired millions to become active in art. In fact, what many people today consider to be the archetypical "artist persona" is largely a result of his influence. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that artists continue to mimic the style that Van Gogh created over one hundred years ago.

The impressionists and post impressionists of Vincent's time influenced him greatly after he moved to Paris in 1886. The bright new palette reigned heavily over Gogh's previous dark muted color scheme. Van Gogh's use of this new impressionist and post impressionist style altered not only his work, but also all of art history.


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Stefan paints about 12 hours a day and works out of his downtown  studio several days a week.  He is there for the gallery crawl on the first Friday of the month.  If you would like to visit the studio Stefan will be glad to welcome you personally. If he is not there or unable to attend, Charlotte Art League has a receptionist during working hours. Some of his paintings are also at Sophia's that is opened daily.

On this photo and the one below show these little orbs of light - Stefan's little angels :)