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SUMMER of 2015 Exhibit =  "Charlotte, N.C. "Van Gogh To Stefan Duncan,  Symphony of the Divine"
SEPT, 2015 Exhibit - Butler Art Institute of America, Youngstown, Ohio  "America's Van Gogh, Stefan Duncan" (Tentative title)
Co-sponsored by and  featured pre-show interview with WBTV.
2015 "America's Van Gogh, Stefan Duncan" (tentative title for planned reality show with Charlotte's Community Channel.)
Oct. 2015  - Charlotte, N.C. "Glory Of The Light"
Dec. 2015  - Charlotte, N.C.  "Winter World"

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"One of America's top rising artists," Art Business News.



Squiggleism -  An unblended impressionistic dash applied staggered beside one another or on top similar to the application of pointillism. Each squiggle represents a unit of the Divine that in theory  is in all that exists. Each stroke is similar to that of the superstring theory or vibrating like sound or a wavering thread of a music note.  The fundamental concept being: out of nothingness the Great Creator spoke his name (symbolic of the big bang) that is of vibration. When the vibration slows, physical things are created such as everything that exists in our universe.  As a whole, Stefan sees the wavering threads as part of a great symphonic movement of infinite love composed by the Great Creator. 
     Stefan's mission is to show how you can literally hear with your eyes. When a person looks at Stefan's painting, the viewer may get a sense of something greater presence. After viewing his painting, it is Stefan's hope, that the next time they look outside, they will "hear with their eyes" this great mystical symphonic movement that will inspire hope, peace, and love within the viewer.   Stefan has become noted as becoming "America's Van Gogh," on . 
     Students of art and design from around the world are doing reports and studying Stefan's "Squiggleism."  Art Business News says that Stefan is one of America's top rising artists.  Stefan's next solo exhibit will be in December called, "America's Spirit."  An art appraiser that works for several galleries in New York believes Stefan's works will rise greatly in value. 
     Stefan has a great inspirational story behind his art. He was in a coma and had been "unplugged" when he awakened. A spleen that 40 cat-scans revealed as having a wedge-pie shape missing from his spleen causing internal bleeding was found whole when they operated to remove it.  But, it was a goose, whom his mother said God literally spoke through,  several years later that inspired Stefan to be an artist with his mission to give the world more Light through his paintings.  Several photos of the goose and the account of this extraordinary event is documented and shown in his studio.  Stefan would love to share his story to people around the world. It is truly inspirational.  Help Stefan get his work known around the world.

I believe all that exist s was born by the Great Creator of infinitive love. Out of nothingness spoke his name....vibrational...that formed all. I try to capture this in my art to heal, to inspire hope, love, and peace. If you are having an event I could possibly paint live. If you have a place with a good flow of people, maybe we could hang a painting My art and writings is my life's mission. Please help me by sharing or networking if you can. We will be happy to do inspirational talks, demos, etc., speaking at churches, artist groups, schools and organizations.  "Stefan's life story is so inspirational. He had lost everything after recovering from a coma. When having to learn to walk again, he dedicated the rest of his 'second life' to help bring more Light into the world. Seeing his work not only heals you in spirit, it unveils the binders to seethe Living Spirit in nature and revere the sacredness of life," Karen Duncan
tional talks, demos, etc., speaking at churches, artists, schools, organizations. "Stefan's life story is so inspirational. He had lost everything after recovering from a coma. When having to learn to walk again, he dedicated the rest of his 'second life' to help bring more Light into the world. Seeing his work not only heals you in spirit, it unveils the blinders to see the Living Spirit in nature and revere the sacredness of life,"


     "America's Van Gogh" - Van Gogh Gallery 
     "One particular artist is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become "America's Vincent van Gogh...
Stefan Duncan!      Duncan's amazing work is a plethora of brilliant colors tossed about in a whimsical style he calls Squigglism," David Wolk. (

"Many  who have now seen Duncan's works, hail him as one of the most important artists of the 21st century,"  said Caroline York, president of Caroline York World of Art. (Carolina Arts Magazine.)

"My mission is to express myself as truly as I can, ever reaching beyond myself to transcribe the glory of the Light on the canvas, that it may in some way aid in illuminating the world from its darkness. It doesn't matter what level an artist you are to create a successful work of art. When you express yourself truly and do the best you can, that to me is a painting of of true beauty. We are made of the star dust billions of years old. Like the song, 'we are star dust.' It is our beliefs, our deeds, and hearts that determine its illumination.  I hope with each work I do is like a dart thrown into the sky to pierce a little bit of the Divine above the veil. And when I pass on, I hope my collective works shine like a constellation for generations to see."

"With Light brings hope for the human condition. Stefan’s paintings are in galleries and establishments around North Carolina and the nation. “Not only is Stefan a dear friend, he is the perfect choice to create the Three Winters logo,” says Jack Grossman, Executive Producer. “His work totally amazes me. His heart and soul is in each masterpiece.”

"I have watched Stefan progress as an artist. Now after seeing his last paintings, I think he's hit this new high plane that so few of the extraordinary artists of history have. I perceive Stefan's Native American spirituality has become a key that has allowed him to tap into the stream of subconscious that flows effortlessly through his brush to the canvas into the everyday objects that are natural in nature. The outcome is dramatic and so intriguing. You become lost in his work and waltz with him through the swirls and hauntingly beautiful dream-like images. In my opinion, Stefan has just become one of the few great living artists we have today." J.D. of New York, New York.



  Prints STEFAN DUNCAN'S Living Spirit Art. Creator of Squiggleism. Pioneer of Neo-Luminism.  "The darker the dark, the brighter the Light." 

Nov. 29th, 2014
, a Starry Night event presenting Stefan's first solo exhibit in two years, "America's Spirit." Birthday is Dec. 1st, but date changed so "Mom" can attend. :) . Music. Food. Wine. Door prizes. Part of this will be included in Stefan's upcoming reality show with Access Channels across the country. A great gathering of friends. Exhibit will present portraits of American's famous icons and landscapes. Examples are Stephen King and Patty Duke, who have all given permission for Stefan to do portraits of them "morphed" into trees they have selected and given reason. Mark the date. email for invite duncan1745.

Stefan Duncan
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BECOMING AMERICA'S VAN GOGH" - Promo of Stefan's upcoming RealityTv Show on Charlotte's Access Channel Exhibit sometime 2015. 



Stefan Duncan





Raven's Light and Swordslinger

Both #1 on Kindle's Contemporary Epic Fantasy.  SKELETAL SONGS poetry by Stefan

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First Squiggle painting, 2001 "The Glory Tree     F "Glorious" 0






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