Modern Impressionist Artist Stefan Duncan
"America's Van Gogh"  Van Gogh Gallery
"Stefan is going to be one of the most important artists of the 21st Century" Art Rep. Caroline York
"One of America's top rising artists" Art Business News.

 Creator of Squiggleism, Living Spirit Art.  Stefan Duncan - one of today's top modern contemporary impressionists. View art here

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     "One particular artist is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become "America's Vincent van Gogh...
Stefan Duncan!!      Duncan's amazing work is a plethora of brilliant colors tossed about in a whimsical style he calls Squigglism," David Wolk. (

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"My mission is to express myself as truly as I can, ever reaching beyond myself to transcribe the glory of the Light on the canvas, that it may in some way aid in illuminating the world from its darkness. It doesn't matter what level an artist you are to create a successful work of art. When you express yourself truly and do the best you can, that to me is a painting of of true beauty. We are made of the star dust billions of years old. Like the song, 'we are star dust.' It is our beliefs, our deeds, and hearts that determine its illumination.  I hope with each work I do is like a dart thrown into the sky to pierce a little bit of the Divine above the veil. And when I pass on, I hope my collective works shine like a constellation for generations to see./strong>

"I personally believe Van Gogh is the greatest artist.  Not just for his artistic technique but the joys and meanings in the works, and  as a teacher unveiling to me the most glorious,  spiritual gift I have ever been given, teaching my eyes how to hear.  With Starry Night, Van Gogh revealed the Divine's Symphonic movement of music that is in all that exists.  Every tone is a musical note. The swirls and lengths of strokes is the timing and undulating of notes.  My canvas is my auditorium.  My palette is my orchestra.  "My brush is my baton.  In the silence I begin to hear and I desperately seek to transcribe the notes on canvas, getting lost in the crescendos, sweep away in explosive epiphanies, spiritual elations, dropping down below the depths of human desire, to suddenly spiral upward into the spiritual ecstasy of Divine Illumination.  And when the last note is played, I fall exhausted to the side like a deliriously exahusted Mozart."  Stefan Duncan, April 14, 2015

"/strong>With Light brings hope for the human condition. Stefan’s paintings are in galleries and establishments around North Carolina and the nation. “Not only is Stefan a dear friend, he is the perfect choice to create the Three Winters logo,” says Jack Grossman, Executive Producer. “His work totally amazes me. His heart and soul is in each masterpiece.”


Posted by Waccamaw Raven Tribe on Thursday, April 16, 2015

"I have watched Stefan progress as an artist. Now after seeing his last paintings, I think he's hit this new high plane that so few of the extraordinary artists of history have. I perceive Stefan's Native American spirituality has become a key that has allowed him to tap into the stream of subconscious that flows effortlessly through his brush to the canvas into the everyday objects that are natural in nature. The outcome is dramatic and so intriguing. You become lost in his work and waltz with him through the swirls and hauntingly beautiful dream-like images. In my opinion, Stefan has just become one of the few great living artists we have."   Caroline York, Art Representative



Living Spirit Art Representative Karen Duncan

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